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Ever since I can remember, the arts have played a significant role in my life. My fascination with colors, textures, and aesthetics led me to pursue a life in art making and art education.  A special interest in fibers and crafts began to develop during my time at Kutztown University when I was inspired by the virtually endless possibilities of fiber design and construction.

My most recent work utilizes various wet felting techniques, which has been my media of choice since moving in to my studio at the Banana Factory.  The idea of taking loose hairs and being able to transform them into beautiful fabrics and three dimensional forms is absolutely fascinating.  When I first started working with wet felting, I was surprised by how painterly the end result can be when fibers are mixed and layered in different ways.  When beginning a new piece, I lay fibers down in a way that mimics an underpainting, then add the most fine details to the top layer.  As the fibers felt together, colors blend in a soft, beautiful way creating a unique finished piece.

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